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The story of Rachel

Accepted in Specialised MBA in Communications and
Event Management (MBA PPA)
at PPA


The platform allowed me to compare the different master programmes in communications

Rachel, student of the MBA programme specialised in Communications and events at PPA (France)

: Could you please introduce yourself and your academic background?
Rachel : My name is Rachel, I'm 23 years old, I'm currently enrolled at PPA school part of the master programme in communications and events. Before, I was following a master in the Sorbonne University in International Project Management. I chose an international cursus because I had the chance to be au pair in the US after my BA studies in advertisement and communications.
: After your master in the Sorbonne, did you find any difficulties regarding your career orientation?
Rachel : Yes, I actually realised that the schools that I was interested in were very expensive, and I don't have the resources to pay for the inscription fees nor the school fees, so the apprenticeship was an obvious option for me. So I wanted to have the possibility to apply to as many programmes as I could to increase the probability to be admitted and pay the less possible in inscription fees.
: How did you find out about Mastersbooking? How did you first hear about the platform?
Rachel : It was a friend of mine that talked to me about Mastersbooking, because we both followed the same master so we were looking for an apprenticeship, she started her search before me so it was her that talked to me about mMstersbooking. She brought me to the platform.
: What was the thing that you liked the most when you got into the platform for the first time?
Rachel : I didn't even have the need for schools, I just looked at the offer that was in the site with all the programmes so it was a huge advantage. With a very complete description of the programme, it was very easy to do the comparison and see the pros and cons of certain apprenticeship programmes so I had the chance to compare their information and reviews. It helped me to focus my research in three specific programmes.
: From the moment you submitted your application to your definitive admission, could you please talk us about the whole process?
Rachel : It was one month and a half; I was pre-selected beginning of March, I was contacted for an interview mid-March, met with the School end of the month and got accepted first days of June. In a month, everything was sorted out, so we don't have to wait. And even if we are on a waiting list, we constantly receive advices on how to improve our application, CV and interviews.
: Did you have some help via email for your applications and to set up your profile?
Rachel : Yes, I received many information emails and even phone calls.
: Do you think that helped you?
Rachel :It really helped and I believe that it is one of the reasons why I was admitted. It was a very good guiding.
: Is there an advice that you recall that made the application process easier?
Rachel :Maybe to be more open regarding our life, our personality traits. I think that was something that made the difference, to be more creative.

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