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General terms and conditions of use

« » or « Website »: refers to the website located at, on which the Institutions may use the Services.

« Services »: refers to the services provided by Eduniversal to the Institutions on the Website, enabling them, in particular, to receive application files for their programmes.

« Applicants »: refers to any physical person, student or a professional resuming training, looking for training at the Master's or MBA level, who is featured on the Mastersbooking database following the creation of their application file on the Website.

« Institution »: refers to any Mastersbooking client Institution or university that uses the Services, in particular, to consult the profiles of Applicants which have submitted their application file within the framework of a recruitment drive.

« Users »: refers to any user of the Services and of the Website, whether Applicants or Institutions.

« Account »: refers to the individual account of each User, enabling him or her to connect to his or her personal space on the Website with a personal and confidential username and password and to use the Services reserved for Users holding an account.

« CTCS »: refers to the general terms and conditions of sale.

« CGU »: refers to these general terms and conditions of use.



These GTCU define the conditions under which Users may use the Website and Services. The GTCU shall apply to all Users




User's Internet connection

The user shall connect to the website by means of his or her own telecommunications terminal equipment. He or she must have access to the Internet network and have all equipment and software necessary to use the Internet.

The User acknowledges that the display and operational performance of the Website largely depends on the features of his or her computer, modem, and type of connection to the Internet network. The user is solely responsible for his or her Internet connection.


User account

When registering, the User must choose a username and password which are personal. After the end of each session, the user must ensure that he or she has exited his or her account by logging out. The user shall be responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality of his or her password and of his or her account. The user is fully liable for any action involving the use of his or her username and password. In the event of the loss or theft of his or her username and/or password, or in the event of any use by a third party, the Internet user must contact the Website immediately.



The Website services are intended either for Institutions or for Applicants.

Applicants may, in particular, complete their application files on Mastersbooking via the Website and apply for training courses published on the Website, under the conditions specified hereinafter. Applicants must be aged at least 18 years to be able to use the Website and Services.

Institutions may, in particular, receive applicant files, under the conditions specified hereinafter and under the general terms and conditions of sale (GTCS).

The Website and its Services may only be used by Applicants seeking training at Masters and MBA level and by Institutions needing to recruit, for their own recruitment needs, to the exclusion of any other use or purpose.

Users shall refrain:

  • from performing any actions which would constitute an undue burden of any kind on the Website's infrastructure;
  • from using data-mining systems and any other method aimed at collecting or using data.



Any applicant who has an account may complete an application file on Mastersbooking via the Website.

By completing the application file on Mastersbooking, the Applicant represents and warrants to Eduniversal that all of the information contained in his or her profile is accurate, honest, fair, current, and complete, in particular with respect to his or her availability and status at the time of submitting his or her profile to Eduniversal, his or her training and qualifications, his or her professional experience and all other information contained in his or her profile. He or she undertakes to convey to Eduniversal an updated file in the event that all or part of this information requires modification.

It is presumed that all file transmissions are carried out by the Applicant himself or herself, he or she being responsible for the use of his or her Account. Submitting an application file on behalf of another person is strictly prohibited.

Applicants are informed that their application files conveyed to Eduniversal shall be kept by Eduniversal and may be recorded in its database.

The applicant may have access to all of the training courses offered on the Website and may apply for those to which they are suited.



In addition to the conditions set out in these GTCU, the terms and conditions of use for the Website Services reserved for Institutions are set out under the general terms and conditions of sale (GTCS), to which reference is made.

The Institutions shall create a recruiter space in order to enjoy the services offered by the Website. The Institutions may only consult application files which Applicants have submitted to them; they cannot access application files if the Applicant has not applied for a training course with the Institution. The Institution shall notify the Applicant of its decision within 7 days. If the application is rejected, Eduniversal shall notify the Applicant immediately; if the application is of interest to the Institution, Eduniversal shall notify the applicant immediately that its pre-application has been accepted



Each User undertakes to comply with these GTCU and with the law and regulations in force and shall observe the rights of other Users, of the Eduniversal company and of third parties, particularly in relation to data protection and intellectual property laws.



The user shall be solely liable for the use that he or she makes of the website and of the services, and any consequences resulting therefrom.

Eduniversal shall not provide any guarantee with respect to the information conveyed by Users, particularly that contained in the application files of the Applicants.

The User shall be solely liable for data, information, and other content of any kind that he or she transmits or communicates via the Website or in the framework of the Services, particularly with respect to information conveyed by Applicants in their profile and applications for training courses, or with the information contained in the training courses published on the Website. The Eduniversal company shall not under any circumstance be held liable in this respect.



The Website and all of its components are the property of the Eduniversal company and constitute intellectual creations protected by the Intellectual Property Code and of which Eduniversal is the copyright holder. The Eduniversal company's database and its content are protected by the Intellectual Property Code and by producer's rights over the database.

Any reproduction, representation, modification, arrangement, adaptation, imitation, copy, download, extraction or public disclosure, in whole or in part, without the prior and express authorisation of the Eduniversal company is prohibited and shall constitute an infringement.



Applicants' profiles and files contain personal information concerning the Applicants. Mastersbooking and the Institutions undertake to comply with the respective legal and statutory obligations incumbent upon them and, in particular, all of the provisions of the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978.

The Institution undertakes in particular to notify CNIL of the processing of this information and to ensure the protection, confidentiality, and security of the information contained in profiles and applications by taking all appropriate measures to avoid these data being altered or accessed by an unauthorised third party.

The information contained in applicants' profiles is confidential and may not be used by the Institution for any purpose other than its own internal recruitment needs, to the exclusion of any other use. The transmission of all or part of this information to a third party without the prior and express consent of the Applicant and of the Eduniversal company is strictly prohibited.


The User is informed that, during his or her visits to the Website, a cookie may be installed on his or her browser software. A cookie does not allow Users to be identified but serves to record information about your computer's browsing on the Website which may be read by the Publisher during subsequent connections by Users. The User may decline to allow these cookies to be installed.