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The story of Celine

Accepted in MBA 2 in Corporate Finance, Merger
and Acquisitionand Investment Banking at
Financia Business School


I thought I didn't have the desired profile but nevertheless I was accepted!

Celine, MBA student specialised on Enterprise Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, at Financia Business School (France)

: Could you please introduce yourself and your background?
Céline : My name is Celine, I'm 24 years old. I have a degree in Business and administration management. Later on, I did my BA and first-level master studies at the Sorbonne university in Paris. Afterwards, I was looking for a master that was linked to what I wanted and it was there where I discovered the MBA 2 offered by Financia Business School.
: The master that you were looking for, which was the domain or field that you were interested in?
Céline : I wanted to focus in business finance, because what I'm really interested in management audit and internal control for the short and long term.
: Could you please explain a bit more about the master you are following?.
Céline : My studies are mainly focused on business finance, mergers and acquisitions and bank. It is a master that incorporates different aspects of business finance and audit, process evaluation, and a bit of law as these operations are obviously developing under a legal framework.
: How did you find out about Mastersbooking?
Céline : It was due to the salon SMBG [by Eduniversal], so I encountered different people that presented me the platform, how it worked and what I could get from it. So afterwards, I went to the website and looked up the master programmes that were featured, I selected those that I was interested in and I applied to them.
: It has been over a year ago, but the people that presented you the platform, were they the ones that convinced you about getting into the platform?
Céline : Yes, they gave me valid arguments. For example, the pre-selection process because we are students so we are on a budget. Therefore, we cannot apply to those schools that have high inscription fees. So the fact of knowing that there were available spots, that my profile was attractive to them it was very positive for me. The masters to which I applied to replied to me positively, so it was very fast in a few days. Furthermore, I was called for interview by two schools, of which I finally chose Financia.
: Would you recommend the platform to other students, friends or people that are in the same situation?
Céline : It is a very useful tool to students that want to save time and know what master programmes to look for, what schools to target.
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