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The story of Alexandre

Accepted in Specialised Master's in Financial Markets
at emlyon business school


Mastersbooking allowed me to find a very specialised programme.

Alexandre, student in a specialised master on Quantitative Finance at emlyon Business School (France)

: Could you please introduce yourself and present your academic background?
Alexandre : My name is Alexandre, I'm currently enrolled in the specialised master of quantitative finance at Emlyon. I have a background in informatic engineering at the EFRI (France), later on I went to Denmark to do my master studies on math modelling at the Technical University.
: Did you feel that you needed an extra cursus on finance?
Alexandre : Yes, it was more towards the domain of finance, and my professional value in the job market. So what I was really missing was the guiding process that is provided by a Business School.
: What was the moment when you discovered the master programme at emlyon?
Alexandre : The Business Schools I knew a few just the big names but I didn't know much really. Mastersbooking allows to have all the offer and information in a very clear and quick manner. Only for the field of finance and market there are between 20-25 masters, and with a click to have all the information and maybe go further if we are interested to the School website. At first, I didn't know about emlyon and it was there where Mastersbooking helped me a bit; I was looking for a school in Paris, because I'm based in Paris and it was there where I was told that the programme was taught in the Paris campus. Also, it is another source of information because we usually have what is provided by the school but to have another platform is really convenient.
Also, I think it is only Eduniversal that provides rankings on this specific domain, on finance and market, so this really allowed me to find out about the programme offer, which is very specialised in this field. So I created my profile and I think one or two days after I was called by someone from emlyon who told me they were interested in my profile, as I have a background as math modeler.
: Could you please describe in a few words the master programme that you have started some months ago?
Alexandre : It is the only cursus that goes really into the technicity compared to other programmes, which is a big plus.
: Where do you see yourself in a year?
Alexandre : I want to work for an investment bank, which is what I'm really interested in.

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