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The story of Jonathan

Accepted in MBA 1 in Management du Sport
at Sports Management School


It was a great success: I was admitted to the school I wanted.

Jonathan, enrolled in the MBA programme on Sports Management

: We can start by a quick introduction of yourself and your background
Jonathan : I'm 24 years old, I have always been passionate about sports since a very early age. There is nothing more beautiful than the emotions awaken by sports, participating in or supporting them. I finished my bA in Accountancy and Management last September, and I enrolled in a MBA programme on sports management last January. Thanks to Mastersbooking, I was able to find Sport Management School and the offer of different programmes.
: Could you please present a bit more your current cursus?
Jonathan : The programme aims to professionalise, therefore the cursus is adapted to follow an apprenticeship. The first days of the week, I work in a press agency and the other days I have classes in the school. Something that is really great about the school is the academic staff, we have speakers that come from various companies so that allow us to have a more practical point of view, which is very beneficial for us.
: How did you start your master research?
Jonathan : Due to my master research, I saw an ad from Mastersbooking so I clicked on the site and this really helped me. It really guided me to what I was looking for and only having to create an application for different master programmes that I was interested in.
: What is the biggest strength of Mastersbooking?
Jonathan : It is really easy to use, I had no problem to get my head around how it worked and it went pretty smoothly. The response of the school was really fast once I completed my application. Later on, I received a message from the school and the next week they called me to set up an interview to start my studies in January 2017.
: Which are the biggest advantages of Mastersbooking? Would you recommend it to others?
Jonathan : I will definitely recommend it. I think the biggest advantage is the responsiveness and the fact that it is very user-friendly. I had no issues to fill up my application and this avoids the issues to gather all the documents and do various applications. So it simplifies the administrative process, which is very important in order to helps us access different cursus.
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