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Milano Fashion Institute

Private institution
Milano -
Milano Fashion Institute is the interuniversity Institute set up in 2007 by the 3 leading Italian Universities: Bocconi University, Polytechnic of Milan, and Cattolica University for realizing University Masters in Fashion Direction. Aa innovative didactical method thanks to the interdisciplinary approach provided by the partners qualifies MFI as a unique in the whole European scenario.
Masters involve Academics, Researchers and Professionals in Economics and Management for Fashion from Bocconi University, in Social Sciences and Fashion Communication from the Catholic University, and in Technology and Fashion Design from Polytechnic of Milan. In addition, strong links with the leading Italian and international companies permit the presence among the Faculty of successful managers who will bring the insight of insiders about company processes and emerging trends.
Thus, MFI  offers a different approach: it provides students with the specialist interdisciplinary skills they need to manage effectively the entire design, production, retail, marketing and communication process of fashion and luxury products.
Studying at MFI represents a world-class cultural, personal and professional opportunity to spend a very intense period in Milan, one of the major world fashion capitals.
The Masters of Milano Fashion Institute are composed of a curriculum designed to train junior professionals whose job positions that are clearly identified and highly desired by the job market.
This path is achieved through a program that provides an introduction to the basic tools and techniques (warm-up), followed by the introduction to the fashion industry (fashion pillars), specialized courses of the key business processes (fashion processes), field projects courses concerning real case studies (field projects), and finally professionalizing activities (empowerment and internship).
MFI is the unique institute in collaboration with the leading Italian Industry Associations: Camera della Moda (Italian Chamber of Fashion ) Sistema Moda Italia, Assocalzaturifici. MFI Masters are the unique Masters in Fashion Direction officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education and University.
Masters are addressed to Junior profiles, both Italians and foreigners with a good knowledge of English language. Students must have a B.A., MSc. or equivalent in order to apply.