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Digital Communication for Fashion

Milano Fashion InstituteMilano - ITALY

Field(s) of study: Fashion Management
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Course cost: 2 400 €

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Available spots: 25
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Program Language

  • English
  • Italian

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  • 3 months

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A Level
A Level+1 year
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“Digital Communication for Fashion” is a programme on which participants learn how companies can tackle digital transformation and drive innovative marketing strategy through customer-centricity. Participants will rethink the customer journey to help fashion and luxury industries build positive and relevant experiences across all channels and touch points. During the course participants learn how to respond to recent developments in media and communication. They explore the major debates that dominate fashion communication and evaluate different techniques applicable in creating and understanding the role of ‘digital in fashion. Particular emphasis is placed on public relations within fashion houses: from customer management to the identification of key industry players and celebrities, and from fashion show organisation to the management of press days, conferences and events.


Online and social media marketing and communication tools are critical topics in the fashion industry. New media has created space for web-based publications, new business models and an immediate global reach for brands. The module “The Digital Fashion System” will analyse the impact of digital tool within the fashion system and will explore key strategies fashion professionals take in communicating online, from merchandising, distribution and supporting technology to social communication strategies and tools.


The course “Narrative of Fashion” offers the opportunity to explore the notion of narrative and storytelling as it exists within the field of fashion. It is about storytelling for fashion designers, how the story is created, what it conveys, and how it is conveyed. It will create an opportunity for participants to familiarize themselves with traditional and experimental ways that storytelling might be anchored to create personal stories, to generate individual points of view and character developments.


The module introduces the participants into the use of social media for fashion communication processes and it is aimed at the design, both strategic and of the contents, of the most innovative digital channels of communication. Participants will be able to manage tools for building a social media strategy by monitoring, listening and analyzing online communication flows.

The module provides also an overview of the digital public relations field, emphasizing the strategic role of Digital PR management in achieving long-term business goals.

Participant will study the case examples and theoretical concepts that inform Social Media and Digital PR Management best practices, and will gain practical experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research, planning campaigns, and optimizing social media content.



The course "Workshop of Ideas: new strategies for brand upgrading" will be developed through working groups Participants will create a strategic communication plan in response to a real-world Social Media and Digital PR problem.


Course format: 

  • 3 weeks, 15 days, from Monday till Friday, for a total of 80 lecture hours

Qualifications/expertise after completing the program

The course “The Digital Communication System In Fashion”aims at providing participants an advanced knowledge of digital communication processes encouraging their own professional preparation for various roles in the fashion industry which foster innovation, entrepreneurial thinking and problem solving.

The course embraces, through 4 highly informative and in-depth training modules, the most important issues needed to face a communication profession within the contemporary Fashion System.

This multifaceted field in the global context of brands is increasingly sought after. Employment possibilities are growing and interesting because fashion brands need to acquisre digital communication skills and professionals.


Entry requirements

In order to apply for the admission to the course, the candidate must be currently enrolled at a Bachelor of Art/Science course or have a degree equal to or higher than a Bachelor.

Young entrepreneurs, recent graduates with three-year degree or specialist degree, and graduates from design schools and faculties, business and economics, marketing and communication,  engineering,  architecture, languages, law, humanities.


Admission criteria: 

The selection process will be based on the evaluation of the CV and the application form.
To apply for admission, the candidate must:

1. Fill the online application form;

2. Attach the CV in European format in the online application form.

After receiving the documents, Milano Fashion Institute will inform the applicant on the selection final result (admission or non admission).



Carla  Lunghi
Silvia Mazzucotelli