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Fashion Law

Milano Fashion InstituteMilano - ITALY

Field(s) of study: Fashion Management
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Course cost: 2 400 €

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Available spots: 25
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Program Language

  • English

Course length: 

  • 3 months

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A Level
A Level+1 year
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Managing Fashion & Luxury companies requires a deep understanding of the legal framework that is characterizing the core internal processes of the companies, as well as the relations with clients and other external parties. Thanks to the participation of both academics and industry insiders, the "Fashion Law" course will focus on the introduction of the main fashion business models and the processes of collection and product development, in order to concentrate on the key industry-based legal issues from a practical point of view.


The course is aimed at introducing students to the main business models characterizing the fashion industry, the underlying different business logics and positioning strategies, and their impact on the core processes. Lastly, an analysis of the current and most crucial industry trends will be carried out, with a focus on fashion and luxury segments.

The course aims at discussing the different intellectual property rights that may be used to protect fashion products. By analyzing legal requirements and administrative procedures, the course will look at how and under what conditions to obtain these rights.

The course explores the various stages of the fashion collection development process, identifying both the activities that are related to the organization and management of creative processes, and those related to the collection's architecture planning, considering corporate and market boundaries. A focus will be given to the different adopted design processes: research, collection scenery and design, final development.

Licensing is a very effective tool to exploit the value of trademarks and other intellectual property rights. Accordingly, the course will analyze how to negotiate a write a licensing contracts, by focusing on the pros and cons of the most frequent terms and conditions.

This course focuses on ways to prevent and limit the counterfeiting, by working on the supply chain and on the communication via Internet. At the same time it will look at the most recent legislative developments in this filed, adopted to support the so called IP-companies, such as the special tax regime for intellectual property revenues that goes under the label of “patent box”.

The course will involve many guest lecturers and encompass a final mock trial.
Students will be able to create, build, and innovate in ways that truly reflect a laboratory.
Through an interdisciplinary approach, the projects will be based on a wide number of topics: from competition policy to intellectual property protection, thanks to lawyers and fashion professional (designers, photographers, entrepreneurs) with significant experience both from an academic and a professional standpoint.
Students will study the principles of contract design, theories of consumer consent, communication design, intellectual property, franchise law, real estate, commercial law as well as the laws relevant to fashion shows/presentations (covering matters about broad, design rights and labour law) and supply chains (with a focus on sustainability in fashion).


Course format: 

  • 3 weeks, 15 days, from Monday till Friday, for a total of 80 lecture hours

Qualifications/expertise after completing the program

The “Fashion Law” course is designed for:

-    Young graduates and practitioners in law, who want to get notions and fundamental knowledge concerning fashion and luxury businesses from a legal perspective.

-    Young graduates in business and economics, who want to understand the most relevant legal issues inside a fashion & luxury company, in order to acquire transversal and multi-disciplinary competences, that will permit them to properly manage core processes, particularly in small and medium fashion companies.

At the end of the course, participant will have learnt how to deal with the complexity of fashion and luxury companies processes, how to properly manage and apply the relevant rules and business practices, from contracts and agreements to the management of trademarks and other IPRs, as well as how to properly relate and add value within relations with different company stakeholders (licensing processes, value chain, etc).


Entry requirements

In order to apply for the admission to the course, the candidate must be currently enrolled at a Bachelor of Art/Science course (Law, Business Administration)or have a degree equal to or higher than a Bachelor.

Young entrepreneurs, recent graduates with three-year degree or specialist degree, and graduates from design schools and faculties, business and economics, marketing and communication,  engineering,  architecture, languages, law, humanities.


Admission criteria: 

The selection process will be based on the evaluation of the CV and the application form.
To apply for admission, the candidate must:

1. Fill the online application form;

2. Attach the CV in European format in the online application form.

After receiving the documents, Milano Fashion Institute will inform the applicant on the selection final result (admission or non admission).



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Nicola Guerini
Michelangela Verardi