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Study in Italy

Italy is one of the most attractive locations for tourism and cultural studies. However, the country has also witnessed the development of industries and multinational business, becoming more and more appealing to international students.
Among the many strong points to study in Italy, tuition fees and living expenses ranked as the main reasons, being more affordable than other Western European destination such as France and England.
The country's main expertise for higher education studies is linked to design, architecture, history, applied sciences and arts.
Master studies in Italian institutions also provide students an opportunity to develop further professional skills through job training. In fact, master programmes ask students to complete their formation by taking an internship, which aims to provide a first work experience as well as put into practice the theorical knowledge obtained through their studies. Either to study or work, Italy is a great destination; synonym of contrast, warmth and rich legacy, having the opportunity to experience Florence, Venice, Milan or Rome will nurture not only your résumé but will allow you to discover the construction of Europe and western civilization.