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Study in Russia

Russia is considered one of the most educated countries in the world. In fact and according to estimations by the OECD, Russian are amongst the most-qualified nationals. This can be explained by great education and encouraging programmes for students.
Despite the language barrier, Russia has become an attractive student destination in the past decades. Many universities not only offer programmes in English, but also provide international students with Russian lessons in order to help them integrate to their life in the country. Preparatory Russian language lessons are a common feature of programmes, and international students have the support of the school in order to improve their experience and make them more comfortable during their courses. 
Studying in Russia offers a variety of advantages; the quality-price relation in Russian schools are very appealing, having living costs significantly lower than those in Europe. Furthermore, learning Russian is a great asset and a strong point for young graduates. In fact, Russian is not only considered a common language in Eastern Europe, but it is also considered an official working language for UN agencies, international organisations and multinationals operating in the region.
Russia can be a great experience, not only to gather new skills, but also to open your vision of the world and understand another side of Europe and Asia.