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Study in Belgium

Located in the heart of Europe, Belgium presents great opportunities for international students that want to pursue careers in multicultural professional and academic environments. Indeed, Brussels offers students the possibility to build a professional path in different sectors like banking, diplomacy, international relations, business, and even get involved on enterprenaurial venues and start-ups. In fact, Brussels is headquaters of many EU institutions, NATO, liason offices of international organizations, and important European multinationals.
Even though Brussels is a global city, living expenses are rather affordable. Furthermore, different cities around the country such as Ghent, Antwerp and Liège offer great living rates while having the chance to study in prestigious universities and institutions. As such, Belgium offers the highest life standards to people from all over the world; 22% of the population are foreign-descendent, which enrichens the cultural life of the country.
Belgium is proudly multicultural and, as such, many different languages are spoken; you can undertake your studies while learning Dutch, German or French, as many courses are taught in English. This will boost your professional profile and help you to increase your employability after your studies.