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Intercultural Management

Grades types : master

MBA in International Management

Geneva Business School's MBA in International Management builds expertise in the most leading business concepts. The program is designed for professionals interested in expanding their knowledge in International management, providing a global perspective on social responsibility, strategy and problem solving. GBS also offers
great internship opportunities at successful companies and organizations.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Major in International Management at Geneva Business School is designed for professionals interested in deepening and expanding their knowledge of management. This MBA program prepares you to be successful in a constantly changing environment, offering the tools you need to keep growing and keep developing as a successful professional in the global business world.
Over the course of the program students will:

  • Gain problem-solving management expertise.
  • Obtain private and public market management analyzation skills.
  • Discover the ability to analyze business structures.
  • Identify areas for implementation of new theories and methods.
  • Design and build new management strategies.
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Máster en Relaciones Internacionales y Gobernanza Internacional - Barcelona

The international relations and the diplomacy acquired importance in our time as globalization and the power of the states change the economic, politic and geographic distribution. Therefore, the international organizations, governmental or non-governmentalhas increased the number of specialist in international relations.
The master in International Relations, Diplomacy and Protocol of Ostelea offers a program which allow the student to get the professional status and apply the theoric view into the practice rolls. It is designed to guarantee the specialization in the three disciplines with the final purpose to give the students a higher management capacity, adaptation and development through the public environment either governmental or non-governmental, as well as in the field of international business.


Cost of pre-eligibility application: 
  • Via Mastersbooking: 0 €
  • Via the regular school procedure: -- €

Master in Business Administration - MBA

The Master's Degree in Business Administration program - the Executive MBA - is a graduate program in business management whose purpose is to shape professionals and executives who hold high-level managerial positions, in order to prepare them to deal with managerial and strategic challenges presented by the changing environment. 
The Master's degree program is geared toward providing high-level executives with a global outlook and integrated functional knowledge (administration, finance, marketing, operations, information technology and human resources), as well as the capacity to lead and supervise people, involving them in the management process.
Lastly, the purpose of this program is for students to fully develop their managerial talent in order for it to serve as a basis for interacting effectively and efficiently in an increasingly changing business environment. This program offers the option of a specialization with the selection of one specialization in the following areas:

• Specialization in International Business
• Specialization in Human Resources Management
• Specialization in Marketing Management

Classes start: September the 6th of 2016

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Advanced Master in Creativity & Marketing

The Advanced Master in Creativity & Marketing presents, discusses and teaches new marketing alternatives to the classic demand-based approaches. It is a truly unique approach to marketing that focuses on the marketing of the future rather than taking the historical approach of other programs.

The Advanced Master in Creativity & Marketing will teach you how to understand and master the creative process.
You will discover totally new marketing approaches which break free from the traditional models, as well as how creative industries create, manage and control markets. You will also learn how to become a ‘day-to-day idea generator'.

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