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Zhejiang University - School of Management

Public institution
Hangzhou -

The School of Management of Zhejiang University conducts teaching and research in two first-tier disciplines according to the disciplinary catalogue developed by the Ministry of Education. They are Management Sciences and Engineering (MSE), and Business Administration (BA). The School has strong teaching and research capabilities in these disciplines. For example, its MSE is identified as a key discipline of the national level, and its BA a key discipline of the provincial level. The School offers Ph.D. programs in both first-tier disciplines; in addition, it offers Ph.D. programs in two second-tier disciplines which are Entrepreneurship Management (EM) and Technology and Innovation Management (TIM). The School has a national-level research center: the National Institute for Innovation Management (NIIM). To facilitate research collaborations both between and within specified fields, the School has also established ten university-level interdisciplinary research centers, such as the Academy of Global Zhejiang Entrepreneurs, and the Zhejiang University Global Entrepreneurship Research Center, as well as twelve university-level research groups.

The School makes social contributions by providing higher education, conducting research and providing social services, and in these respects the School has made continuous and sustainable advances. For example, since 2000, the number of major national research grants (for instance grants categorized as major or key projects from the National Social Sciences Fundation and the National Natural Sciences Fundation) that the School’s faculty has obtained takes the leading position among Chinese institutes of higher education. The School has also undertaken a large number of projects commissioned by government organizations, private businesses and state-owned enterprises.

The School is the first business school in China that gains international accreditation (AMBA accreditation in 2006). At present, the School is accredited by three major international accreditation institutions (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA) on five-year terms, and by one important domestic accreditation institution (the CAMEA of the Ministry of Education).

The School takes as its mission to cultivate the healthy power leading the future of China. It continues to make innovative and proactive moves in furthering international collaborations, conducting research, nurturing students and fulfilling social responsibilities. The School is well on its way to become a leading think tank and talent pool in China.