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Grades types : master


This online COURSE in A MOOC ORIENTED ASPs (advances Study Program).
With an increasingly competitive environment, the creative professional and creative industries have to keep up with the new frontiers of innovation. This is particularly true in the field of Architecture, a discipline which is intimately linked to the human being, there is a need to understand that building spaces for humans and society are linked to a clear understanding of how humans behave, how people develop habits and how these attitudes vary form country to country. This is the way Architecture should respond depending on cultural issues. The program will be a machine to decode and understand the creative advantages of Brand Italy, and the power of ‘Made in Italy'. This course will create entrepreneurs who can learn from the Italian example, and use this to see and develop opportunity around the world. This knowledge will become a foundation for global design growth and a dynamic generator of ideas and explorations to promote new ways of thinking and acting in the creative economy. 

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