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Study in Netherlands

Netherlands offers a very dynamic life for international students. Already a centre for multicultural exchange, the country gathers many of the advantages of Northern European education such as student-centred learning experience and independent studying, with the opportunity to travel and discover other countries in Europe. Indeed, the Netherlands allows students to create their own experience and enabling them to explore other extracurricular activities. 

One of the main assets of the Netherlands for international students is the many support services provided by the government; EU-citizens can work in the country, while getting discounts on public transport and grants. Furthermore, the country is considered one of the most eco-friendly places in the world, with an advanced system for bicycles in most of the country; it is no wonder that Amsterdam is usually known as one of Europe's most bike-friendly cities. 

The country has also many student cities that gather recognised institutions ; living is easy in the Hague, Leiden, and Rotterdam. Overall, studying in the Netherlands not only means living in one of Europe's most dynamic enterprenarial centres but also experiencing diversity every day.