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Study in Germany

Germany has become one of the most attractive student destinations, especially for postgraduate studies. The country offers a wide variety of domains, as well as an interesting professional environment to further develop your career. One of the main attractive points of German education is the language; international students can find programmes completely in English, which allows them to fully take on their studies without the language barrier. 

Also, it is a great way to learn German, which can open doors for job offers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and even the Netherlands. In terms of living expenses and tuition fees, the country provides good conditions for students on a budget.
As its reputation confirms, Germany has a wide expertise on engineering and computer sciences; further professional opportunities lay in the big buzzing German cities like Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, with big multinationals and an expanding start-up sector.  

There are also great incentives for research; in fact, Germany is known as one of the most notable destinations for scientific and academic research in Europe. The German government, as well as other institutions, provide funding and scholarships for students undertaking research projects.