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Insurance Manager M2

ESA - Ecole Supérieure d'Assurances (eng)Paris - FRANCE

Field(s) of study: Insurance Management and Law, Risk Management
Cost of pre-eligibility application: 
  • Via Mastersbooking: 0 €
  • Via the regular school procedure: 130 €
Course cost: 7 900 €
Possible funding options: 
  • Bank loan
  • Professional training contract

Next admission round: 

Next recruitment session:

Available slots: 

Available spots: 3
Places available per academic year: 0

Course length: 

  • 1 year (12 months)

Start of the program: 


Level of entry: 

A Level+4 years
A Level+5 years



The second year of the cycle Insurance Manager - European Master of Science in Business (EABHES accredited) Level I, registered in RNCP, aims to give students knowledge and skills sought by an insurance company with a dominant on corporate risk management techniques.
Students work in project management for eight months, which allows them through a multitude of situations, to put in to practise methods and tools acquired during their training.
They also support a professional thesis.
The ESA promotes international mobility, allowing holders Insurance Manager to obtain the degree of  European Master of Science in Business - Insurance Manager (EABHES accredited), subject to obtaining 800 points in TOEIC.


  • Module 1 : Economic Environment
  • Module 2: Financial Statements and Mathematics
  • Module 3: Management and Strategy
  • Module 4: International and Reinsurance
  • Module 5: Marketing and Distribution
  • Module 6: Business Plan
  • Module 7: Dominant : The Company and Its Risks
  • Module 8: English
  • Module 9: Press Review
  • Module 10: Professional Thesis
  • The professional thesis is supported in July of the second year of the curriculum.

Course format: 

Classic training : courses and work placement
Alternating training :

  • 1st alternating rhythm :
    • one week: 3 days at school, 2 days in a company,
    • other week: 2 days at school, 3 days in a company,
  • 2nd alternating rhythm : one week at school, a week in a business.  
  • 3rd alternating : two weeks at school, two weeks in a business. 
  • 4th alternating rhythm : one week at school, three weeks in a business.

Qualifications/expertise after completing the program

  • Commercial Inspector
  • Underwriter
  • Risk Inspector-Auditor
  • Marketing Research Manager
  • Insurance Broker
  • General Insurance Agent
  • Wealth Management

Entry requirements

  • Having completed the first year of the Masters,
  • Holders of a Masters degree or a postgraduate degree in Business Law, Private Law, AES,
  • Graduates of a Business School,
  • Holders of an Engineering Degree,
  • Candidates with A levels and 4 years minimum experience (as part of the Validation of Acquired Experience),
  • MBA holders " Audit and Management of Risk and Company Insurance " from the ESA.

The Higher School of Insurance provides an opportunity for students BAC + 4 direct access to MA II (second year of training). However, these students must first follow between July and September a long-distance learning seminar conducted on the fundamentals of insurance, which is concluded by a 3-day session.

Admission criteria: 

1) The application is reviewed within fifteen days of receipt by a committee composed of the President and an ESA lecturer, which decides on acceptance or rejection of applications for Insurance Manager studies.
2) Eligible applicants are invited to spend a motivation interview with the Admissions Officer.
3) after the interview, the candidate is admitted or rejected. The decision is sent by post no later than 8 days after the interview.