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MBA 2 in Corporate Finance, Merger and Acquisition, and Investment Banking

Financia Business School (Eng)Courbevoie - FRANCE

Field(s) of study: Banking - Finance, Financial Engineering and Corporate Finance
Cost of pre-eligibility application: 
  • Via Mastersbooking: 0 €
  • Via the regular school procedure: 100 €
Course cost: 9 900 €
Possible funding options: 
  • Bank loan
  • Paid internship
  • Professional training contract

Next admission round: 

Next recruitment session:

Available slots: 

Available spots: 0
Places available per academic year: 20

Program Language

  • French

Course length: 

  • 1 year (12 months)

Start of the program: 


Level of entry: 

A Level+4 years
A Level+5 years



The MBA in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking aims to master the equity financing professions : those of private equity, acquisitions financing, issuing financial products and, in general, financial advice professions relating to equity alliance operations.
It is aimed at M1-level students or equivalent with sound grounding in the main disciplines related to company management.
The course's originality lies in its combination of a quality academic course with immediate immersion in the world of work and rapid implementation of the teaching received.
Students split their week between work and study : from Monday to Thursday they are in-company, while Friday and Saturday are reserved for classes. Whilst this schedule is quite demanding for the student, it does however guarantee full efficiency directly after the course and employability.

Module 1
Financial Markets
Classic Derived Products
Exotic Derived Products
Products Derived from Asset Securitisation
Derived Products Shares

Module 2
Currency and Derived Markets
Rate, Swaps and Bond Management
Market Conditions and Financial Markets

Module 3
Share Financial Analysis
Portfolio Management
Quantitative Methods

Module 4
The Raw Materials Market and Weather Derivatives
Real-life Situation (Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.)
Finance and Trading Room IT
Negotiation Role Play

Module 5
Professional Conferences : Trader, Sales, Broker, Controller, Fund Manager

Course format: 

Total course duration : 12 months/390 hours of classes

Teaching takes places every Friday and Saturday
The remaining time is spent in-company (training contract or work placement).

Qualifications/expertise after completing the program

Merger and Acquisitions Manager, Financial Director, Financial Analyst, Equity Financing Engineer, Treasurer, Credit Manager, Capital Risker, Capital Investor, Business Angel, etc.

Entry requirements

Admission requirements :

  • University Masters degree
  • Grand Ecole Masters degree
  • University postgraduate diploma (between Bachelors and Masters level)
  • Grande Ecole postgraduate diploma (between Bachelors and Masters level)
  • Foreign degree equivalent to the aforementioned French degrees
  • Undergraduate two-year diploma or no diploma, but meaningful professional experience

    Preferred profiles :

  • Business schools, Engineers, IEP, Academics (eco-management, law and sciences)
  • Executives returning to education (finance sphere)



Admission criteria: 

Selection process :
Assessment of CV
Assessment of personal statements
Question in the admission file
Motivation interview




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