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IMT Mines Alès (IMT: Institut Mines Télécom)

Public institution
Alès -
New Institut Mines-Télécom: set-up of the first group of engineering and business schools in France.
The creation of the Institut Mines-Télécom on 1st March 2012, made official by the decree of 28th February 2012, brings the Mines Schools and Institut Télécom Schools together to form the first group of engineering and business schools in France, making it a key player in higher education, research and innovation.
The IMT Mines Alès is a French Institute for Engineering and Applied Science under the tutelage of the French Ministery in charge of Industry.
Part of the prestigious Ecole des Mines Group of engineering schools (grandes écoles d'ingénieurs),IMT Mines Alès is a graduate Institute of Engineering and Applied Science in Alès, southern France, with additional campuses in Nîmes and Pau.
The 'Grandes Écoles' represent the French standard of excellence in academic education for the fields of science, technology, engineering and management. They lead to the postgraduate French degree of 'diplôme d'ingénieur' (equivalent to a master's degree)and attest a high level training, founded on a rare blend of broad-based studies in science, engineering and management.
More than 20,000 Grande École graduates per year find jobs in most industrial sectors, but also in new firms, business, services, public administrations, research institutes and consulting companies.
Some figures IMT Mines Alès (oct 2017):
  • 1,176 students
  • 263 graduate engineers
  • 59 % hired before leaving school
  • 90 % hired in first four months
  • 82 international university partnerships