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Ensai (The National School for Statistics and Data Analysis)

Public institution
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Ensai : “Modelling data, creating knowledge“

Founded in 1994, ENSAI has been located on the Ker Lann Campus just outside Rennes since 1996.
ENSAI is part of the network of prestigious higher education establishments in France known as  Grandes écoles, or specialized graduate schools. As a member of the Grouping of National Economics and Statistics Schools (GENES), ENSAI trains about 150 high-level experts qualified in statistical modeling,  information processing and analysis every year.
After graduating from the statistical engineering or INSEE civil servant statistician program, our students have threefold expertise in Statistics, Econometrics and Computer Science, which is universally recognized in all professional sectors. 

ENSAI was accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research to deliver a Master of Science in Big Data (known as a Master international or DNM in the French nomenclature) that started in September 2015. The Master of Science in Big Data program will be revamped to shift its focus to a smarter and more practical  approach creating more value. As a result, the existing program will become the Master of Science in Statistics for Smart Data starting in September 2017.
While Big Data collects massive amounts of data, Smart Data focuses on identifying relevant and valuable information among the plethora of data available and on mastering the mathematical models and algorithms vital for rapidly extracting information from data.  
Graduates of the program are skilled Data Scientists. In addition to doctoral possibilities in research, graduates have numerous career opportunities in international corporations,  data start-ups, consulting companies in many fields including marketing research, the digital economy, risks analysis, pricing, industry, hardware, and software.