Advanced Master in Financial Markets

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and ManagementBrussels - BELGIUM

Field(s) of study: Banking - Finance, Financial Engineering and Corporate Finance, Market Finance and Asset Management, Risk Management
Cost of pre-eligibility application: 
  • Via Mastersbooking: 0 €
  • Via the regular school procedure: 0 €
Course cost: 15 000 €
Possible funding options: 
  • Academic excellence scholarships
  • Bank loan
  • Financial assistance or scholarships awarded by the institution
  • International mobility grants
  • Payment by my company
  • Personal or family funding

Next admission round: 

Next recruitment session:
Dec 2016
Aug 2017

Available slots: 

Available spots: : 13
Places available per academic year: 25

Program Language

  • English

Course length: 

1 year (12 months)

Start of the program: 

September 2017

Level of entry: 

A Level+4 years
A Level+5 years



The Advanced Master in Financial Markets is designed to give students a much deeper understanding of financial markets than the one offered by graduate or classic post-graduate courses. It examines the connections between the different aspects of finance and the financial markets, as well as the connections between theory and practice of markets and between theory and policy making.
The Advanced Master in Financial Markets combines:

  • courses with a strong focus on how markets actually work in practice, given by an unparalleled cast of senior practitioners and regulators and of highly respected academics
  • an opportunity for a 3-month internship in a top-quality institution.

In which other programme do you have as professors the, the Executive Chairman of a large London-based hedge fund, the chief banking regulator of the European Commission, a senior official of a Eurozone central bank in charge of financial stability, executives of London-based private equity firms, but also current or former Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Risk Officers and other senior officials of banks, asset managers and public institutions like the IMF, the ECB and the EIB?
The internship is a springboard to finding job opportunities. In the first two years of the programme, the job placement rate was 85% before participants even graduated.

For this master, the courses will be delivered after business hours (late afternoon on weekdays and Saturdays) to allow participants to take the course in parallel with a professional activity.
This master is a full-time course (60 ECTs) that lasts one year, split over five terms. Students who do not have an economics or finance background, or want a refresher course, start mid-September with introductory courses covering the Principles of  Economics and Finance.
At the end of these courses, students will perform a three-month internship in a leading financial institution. The programme coordinator helps find internship opportunities. Internships have taken place in institutions in Belgium and abroad, like the European Commission, BNP Paribas Fortis, Belfius KBC, ING, Deloitte, E&Y, PWC, Bank of New York Mellon, Euroclear Bank, SWIFT, and banks,and several prestigious asset managers, private banks and other firms.
Participants may submit a master thesis on a relevant topic as an alternative to the internship.

Course format: 

Full-time, evening and Saturday classes

Qualifications/expertise after completing the program

By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Understand the financial markets much better than other graduating students or even many young professionals
  • Make robust assessments of theoretical and policy-related issues, thanks to the sharing of experience of the senior practitioners and top-level academics teaching the courses
  • Be more effective and more creative in your professional environments and therefore, be a more accomplished performer in the financial sector, able to progress faster to senior levels.
  • Make yourself substantially more attractive to preferred employers and better leverage your potential in your professional career.

Entry requirements

The Advanced Master in Financial Markets seeks:

  • High calibre candidates with a strong academic background, and the intellectual curiosity and discipline that are necessary to succeed in a very demanding environment.
  • Candidates with at least a graduate degree or equivalent. This degree can be, in economics, management or finance, but also in other disciplines, such as law, mathematics, engineering or international relations.
  • Young professionals already active in the financial industry seeking to broaden their skill range as a springboard to faster career evolution.

 Eligible applicants must hold one of the following:

  • a master's degree (four or five years of study)
  • a post-graduate degree
  • a bachelor's degree (four years) followed by one to three years of work experience
  • another degree equivalent to the above (please consult us for more information)

Admissions will be based on the candidates' proficiency in English and on their background, professional potential and motivation.

Admission criteria: 

If the review of your application is positive, an interview (at Solvay or via Skype) will be organised with the Academic Director within 2 weeks. An essay related to Finance will be requested after the interview. After receipt of your essay, the result will be communicated within 5 working days. From the date of receipt of your admission letter, you will then have two weeks to confirm your registration by paying a 2000€ deposit and signing the admission documents.

Application cost description: 

10% Early-bird discount for all applications received by April 17th 2017


Mrs/Ms Aurélie MESSINA

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