Universidad de Monterrey - UDEM Business School

Private institution
Morones Prieto - MEXICO

The “Universidad de Monterrey” (UDEM), located in Monterrey, Mexico, is a Catholic university founded in 1969 by five Religious Congregations and a group of business leaders in order to provide Monterrey´s society with humanistic education that is oriented at community service. It defines three strategies toward its Vision in 2020: a Culture of Academic Excellence, Service Oriented Integral Formation, and Sustainable Educational Infrastructure.
UDEM strives to achieve academic excellence and the formation of leaders endowed with self-confidence, a critical and analytical spirit, social consciousness, high ethical standards, intercultural sensibility, and global competence, all of which contribute significantly to worldwide peace and wellbeing.
A distinctive program of UDEM is its internationalization. It has signed numerous bilateral agreements with universities around the world. Today, UDEM is among the top universities in Mexico with the highest component of student’s internationalization.