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Master of Science in Sales & Marketing in the Life Science Industry

International Management School Geneva - IMSGGenève - SWITZERLAND

Field(s) of study: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Management and Marketing
Cost of pre-eligibility application: 
  • Via Mastersbooking: 0 €
  • Via the regular school procedure: 323 €
Course cost: 34 585 €
Possible funding options: 
  • Paid internship

Next admission round: 

Next recruitment session:

Available slots: 

Available spots: 15
Places available per academic year: 15

Course length: 

  • 18 months

Start of the program: 


Level of entry: 

A Level+3 years

The program enables students, with a minimum education of Bachelor 3 or equivalent, to enter into the Health and Medical Technology job market.
Whether graduated in medicine, pharmacology or biology and looking for general management & sales & marketing skills, or graduated from general management and eager to enter the Pharmaceutical Industry, Medtech or Health Sector, students will dramatically enhance their professional skills within a highly contextualized Life Sciences program.
This program prepares our Life Sciences students to find great roles in Product Management, Marketing Management, Marketing Communication, Sales across the whole diversified Health Sector. Although the emphasis is on the Life Sciences curriculum, we also integrate highly practical professional skills such as Presentation skills, Digital proficiency, Agency briefs, Data analysis and Management tips.The program is organized in 3 semesters totalizing 120 ECTS credits. 
As an innovative Management School, we balance our academic delivery with professional experience within Swiss based companies. This approach makes our graduates highly attractive to potential employers.
At the end of the MSc, the student will have to defend a Thesis which will carry on one of the subjects studied during the programme.

Strategy & General Management - 128h

  • Quality Management - 16h
  • Business PlanDevelopment (Harvard Business School Publishing) - 8h
  • Project Management (Harvard Business School Publishing) - 8h
  • Process Improvement (Harvard Business School Publishing) - 8h
  • International Business Law - 16h
  • Strategic HR Management, Retention) - 8h
  • Change Management (Harvard Business School Publishing) - 8h
  • Decision Making (Harvard Business School Publishing) - 8h
  • Lobbying Crisis Management (Harvard Business School Publishing) - 8h
  • IT security - 16h
  • Innovation Implementation (Harvard Business School Publishing) - 8h

Accounting & Finance - 112h

  • Statistics - 16h
  • Accounting - 24h
  • Taxation - 8h
  • Internal Audit - 8h
  • Macro & Micro Economics - 8h
  • Corporate Finance - 16h
  • Ethics & Professional Standards - 8h
  • Global Economy - 8h
  • Political Sociology - 8h
  • Corporate Ethics - 8h

Marketing & Communication - 112h

  • Strategic Marketing - Models - 16h
  • Consumer Studies - 8h
  • Competition Law - 8h
  • Brand Management - 8h
  • Price Setting - 8h
  • Core Competencies - Marketing - 16h
  • Leading a Sales Team - 16h
  • International Marketing - 16h
  • CRM & Sales Management - 8h
  • Sensorial Marketing - 8h


  • Innovation Thursdays - 72h
  • Business English - 48h
  • Speaking with Confidence - 8h
  • Methodology (Thesis) - 48h
  • Thesis

Major - 120h

  • Positioning & Market Orientation - 24h
  • Pre-Strategic mapping - 24h
  • Campaign Plan & Feedback - 24h
  • Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical Environment - 48h

Learning expeditions

Learning expeditions

Course format: 

Courses, part-time work

Qualifications/expertise after completing the program

Strong academic and methological background; work experience in Switzerland; ability to work in groups

Entry requirements

IMSG is seeking students who are looking beyond a qualification, students who are looking holistically at their academic, professional and personal development at our school. We have a structured selection process where our goal is to identify students who can succeed in all these aspects.

Admission criteria: 


  • Two Passport photographs
  • CV
  • Copy of your Passport or ID card
  • Motivation letter
  • Academic Transcripts/Latest exam marks
  • Letter of recommendation

Our admission team will notify you within a week on the eligibility of your application.
Short-listed candidates will have to take an interview with a member of our admission team/management. This could be conducted on campus, on locations abroad and/or by skype/wechat/… We will mainly assess your motivations and your willingness to learn and progress.
We will inform you within one week of the interview on our decision regarding your admission.
Successful candidate are requested to pay a non-refundable one time admission fee of CHF 350 and the first term fee.
If you need a student visa: Once we have received your non-refundable admission fee payment, we will send you the admission
letter that will allow you to process with the Visa request. This generally takes up to 2 months, so make sure you give yourself sufficient time when applying.
Upon receipt of your payment confirmation, and your student Visa, we will send you a full acceptance letter which confirms your admission.

Course cost description: 

  • 12,500 CHF/semester : 37,500 CHF for the full program (18 months)
  • Several instalments possible

Application cost description: 

CHF 350