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Master of Science Luxury & Fashion Management - one-year programme

SKEMA Business SchoolSophia Antipolis - FRANCE | Suzhou - CHINA

Field(s) of study: Fashion Management, Luxury Management
Cost of pre-eligibility application: 
  • Via Mastersbooking: 0 €
  • Via the regular school procedure: 0 €
Course cost: 19 000 €
Possible funding options: 
  • Academic excellence scholarships
  • Bank loan
  • Crowdfunding/Sponsoring
  • Government grants
  • International mobility grants
  • Paid internship
  • Payment by a training organisation/Training Leave
  • Payment by my company
  • Personal or family funding
  • Private grants (company, foundation, etc.)

Next admission round: 

Next recruitment session:

Available slots: 

Available spots: 30
Places available per academic year: 30

Course length: 

  • 1 year (12 months)

Start of the program: 


Level of entry: 

A Level+4 years
A Level+5 years



The Luxury & Fashion Management MSc is international in its orientation, reflecting the industry itself: international manufacturing and distribution, cross-border ownership, and global branding and communications.
This MSc recognises that design, trend-recognition and marketing skills -rather than production/manufacturing skills- are what make today's luxury and fashion firms successful. These skills are the skills related to new product development, marketing, strategic brand management and communications delivery.
Motivated students are educated in an individu​alised academic environment for success in the fast-moving world of fashion and luxury. 
The programme's objective is to enable students to achieve their career ambitions by:

  • giving students regular access to experienced fashion and luxury specialists who have both strong academic skills and practical in-company experience
  • improving and expanding participating students' career prospects by providing them with training in fashion and luxury management as well as understanding the issues in international trends and working across cultures
  • for those who may be working or studying outside the field of art, fashion and luxury, this programme will provide the opportunity for a change in career direction. 

Some example courses:

  • Global Luxury & Fashion
  • International Marketing Strategies for Luxury & Fashion Goods
  • Design and Innovatio
  • Luxury and Fashion Products & Services Management
  • Integrated Luxury & Fashion Communication
  • Fashion & Brand Management
  • State of the Art in Fashion and Luxury
  • Elective: Regulatory Issues in the Luxury Industry
  • Research Methods & Critical Thinking
  • Growth Strategies in Luxury & Fashion
  • Value Management and Marketing
  • Pricing, Distribution & Retail in Luxury and Fashion
  • Consumers Trends and their Impact on Marketing Strategies
  • Finance and Accountability in Luxury and Fashion
  • How to Build a Brand

Course format: 

September to May in courses. May to October in internship and thesis writing.

Qualifications/expertise after completing the program

The professional orientation of the​ MSc Luxury & Fashion management guarantees its relevance and ensures that students are professionally operational by the end of the year.
The MSc Luxury & Fashion Management opens opportunities to pursue careers in a wide range of fashion and luxury fields. Whilst having a strong disciplinary base in international luxury brand management, its range is such that graduates will be able to work with specialists in other areas, getting involved in creative, marketing or finance positions. Graduates can go on to work in top level management, designing, sourcing, merchandising, budgeting, advertising, global luxury or fashion brand management as well as strategy. 
Graduates take on roles that are essentially strategic, analytical, marketing and planning. 
Recent graduates have been recruited around the globe into a wide range of fields by leading fashion or luxury institutions and multinational corporations such as DHV, Rodriguez, Dassault, LVMH, Baume & Mercier, Hermes, Jitrois, Caudalie, BETC Design, Gucci Group….

Entry requirements

  • Bac +3 and Bac +4 for Two-Year MSc,
  • Only Bac +4 for MSc in one year
  • A four-year degree or equivalent (or, in some cases: a three-year degree plus substantial professional experience; or for UK applicants only: a three-year bachelor's degree with honours).
  • A good score in one of the following English language tests: TOEFL (580 institutional testing programme / 237 computer-based test and 92 internet-based test), TOEIC (830), ELS (112), IELTS (6.5) or equivalent.
    Note: no English language test score is required for students who have a degree from an English-speaking university. 
  • A GMAT or GRE score will be to the candidate's advantage.

Admission criteria: 

  • Application file
  • Interview
  • Language test score(s)

Course cost description: 

MSc in one year: €19,000 
Two-year MSc with MSc Luxury & Fashion Management: €29,000