Specialised Masters in Marketing and Service Management

emlyon business school (eng)Écully - FRANCE

Field(s) of study: Service Management
Cost of pre-eligibility application: 
  • Via Mastersbooking: 0 €
  • Via the regular school procedure: 120 €
Course cost: 18 500 €
Possible funding options: 
  • Academic excellence scholarships
  • Bank loan
  • Paid internship

Next admission round: 

Next recruitment session:
Nov 2016
Jul 2017

Available slots: 

Available spots: : 5
Places available per academic year: 13

Program Language

  • French

Course length: 

1 year (12 months)

Start of the program: 

September 2017

Level of entry: 

A Level+4 years
A Level+5 years



The course tackles the various contexts in which services are provided and the Masters graduates' pathways reflect this choice as they are present in very varied sectors. Services are everywhere and their growth is driven by three factors: the relationship, innovation and sustainable development; these three elements are omnipresent in the Specialised Masters.

  • Marketing
  • Strategy and Management
  • Socio-economic Evolution and Innovation
  • The Sector Discovery Project (Sector Discovery Project to create a network of professional contacts in the sector of your choosing)
  • Consultancy Assignment (fulfilling this assignment enables you to develop numerous skills: accepting and managing a commitment, devising a suitable methodology, drawing up relevant and realistic recommendations, and communicating to win over the sponsor's support)

Learning Trip to Shanghai (this study strip is a unique opportunity to discover an "alternative" service economy from the European model in which we are immersed).

Course format: 

The Specialised Masters in Marketing and Service Management is an academic and professional course based on seven original assets   :

  • The multi-disciplinary curriculum   to be able to articulate the marketing, operational and human challenges of a service activity
  • Live Services   to be familiar with the specific challenges of service activities
  • The Sector Discovery Project   to create a network of professional contacts in the sector of your choosing
  • Personalised guidance to put together a career path that suits you
  • A consultancy assignment to gain professional skills
  • The learning trip to Shanghai  to prepare your development in a globalised economy
  • Life membership of the EMLYON FOREVER network
  • An optional in-depth study trimester in Shanghai

Qualifications/expertise after completing the program

The Masters prepares you for two roles: a functional role within a Marketing Directorate or a managerial position within an Operations Directorate.

  • Functional posts within a Marketing Directorate
  • Roles in a consultancy firm

Entry requirements

Applicants must have:

  • a Masters degree,
  • a Bachelors degree + at least three years' professional experience,
  • by special dispensation capped at 30%, a Bachelors degree, or equivalent, without professional experience,
  • a foreign degree equivalent to the aforementioned degrees.  

Admission criteria: 

The selection process takes place in two stages:

  • The first selection stage: assessed based on administrative items (application file, its supporting documents, and an online video).
  • The second selection stage: assessment following an oral interview, where applicable.


Mrs/Ms Katherine MEDINA